Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Movie – Sparkling Addition to Telugu Cinema

The vibrant landscape of Telugu cinema is enriched by the emergence of new talents, bringing fresh charm and uniqueness to the silver screen. One such delightful new talent is Kushitha Kallapu, fondly known as ‘Kushi Papa’, who captivates hearts with her endearing presence in the film Babu – No.1 Bullshit Guy. Let’s explore the magical world of this adorable actress, her character, and the charm she brings to the movie.

Kushitha Kallapu as ‘Kushi Papa’ – A Breath of Fresh Air

With her infectious smile and innocent charm, Kushitha Kallapu steps into the role of ‘Kushi Papa’ in Babu. Her portrayal of a sweet and naive doctor adds a touch of delight to the narrative, winning over audiences and leaving an unforgettable mark.

Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Telugu Movie

Kushitha takes viewers on a heartwarming ride as ‘Kushi Papa’ in Babu, weaving a tale of love, laughter and emotions. Her character resonates with the audience, bringing the perfect combination of charm and artlessness to the storyline. As she navigates the ups and downs of the plot, Kushitha’s acting injects authenticity, making her a standout performer.

Dandu Dilip Kumar Reddy – The Creative Force Behind Babu

The ingenious director Dandu Dilip Kumar Reddy demonstrates his storytelling prowess in Babu, bringing out the best from his cast including the beguiling Kushitha.

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Kushitha Kallapu’s presence in Babu is like a beautiful melody, lending harmony to the cinematic experience. Her on-screen chemistry with co-star Arjun Kalyan showcases seamless integration of talent, creating a symphonic cinematic effect that strongly resonates with viewers.

With her portrayal of ‘Kushi Papa’ in Babu – No.1 Bullshit Guy, Kushitha emerges as a refreshing change in Telugu films. Her captivating performance, along with the creative brilliance of the director and production team, elevate the movie into a profoundly moving experience for the audience.

Arjun Kalyan in the Lead Role

Talented Telugu actor Arjun Kalyan has wrapped up shooting for his upcoming film Babu: Number One Bullshit Guy. Reports suggest the movie will soon hit cinema screens, co-starring actress Kushita Kallapu in the female lead role.

Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Arjun Kalyan Movie

Babu is directed by MLR (Laxman Varma) and produced by Dandu Dilip Kumar Reddy under the DD Creations banner. Touted to be an emotional entertainer, the movie aims to appeal to diverse audiences. The core theme is necessity outweighs luxury, as per the makers.

The promotional content released so far has impressed viewers, and the team plans to amplify promotions moving forward. Along with directing, Laxman Varma also acts in the film. The cast includes Sonali, Muralidhar Goud, Bhadram, Jabardasth Apparao, Ravi Varma and Sunitha Manohar in key roles. Ashok Vardhan and Bhadri George feature prominently. Babu will release in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages.

Building Anticipation with First Look Posters

Arjun unveiled Babu‘s first look poster on December 12, 2023, generating hype around the film. It shows Arjun in casual attire as his character Karthik Babu. The caption reads:

“My next project #BABU ~ No.1 Bullshit Guy! Introducing @iamarjunkalyan as Karthik Babu, the spoilt brat who doesn’t know life’s true values. Please shower your love and support.”

Arjun Kalyan’s Illustrious Acting Journey

Arjun’s last movie was Addateegala which unfortunately received unfavorable reviews. He has delivered versatile performances over the years as lead actor and character artist in films like Pellikuturu Party, Varudu Kaavalenu, Premam and more.

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The talented actor also briefly participated in Bigg Boss Telugu and starred in the Aha web series Naari Naaru Naduma Murari.

With his nuanced acting skills and experience, Arjun Kalyan is sure to impress in his role as Karthik Babu in Babu.

What Makes Babu Stand Out?

  • Kushitha Kallapu’s endearing performance as ‘Kushi Papa’
  • Arjun Kalyan playing an interesting character
  • Talented cast including Sonali, Muralidhar Goud, Bhadram and more
  • Emotional plot exploring human values
  • Promising director Dandu Dilip Kumar Reddy at the helm
  • Appealing to wide range of audiences
  • Releasing in multiple languages

The Excitement Around Babu’s Release

There is palpable excitement among fans for Babu‘s release, evident from its promotional content eliciting positive reactions so far.

Viewers are eager to see Arjun Kalyan in a new avatar as Karthik Babu paired with Kushitha Kallapu’s ‘Kushi Papa’. Their fresh on-screen chemistry has generated buzz.

Dandu Dilip Kumar Reddy’s directorial skills and the film’s core human values-based theme have also piqued interest.

As promotions scale up, the anticipation for Babu will continue building up. The movie seems poised to win over audiences, bringing them on an emotional rollercoaster ride.


With its talented cast, promising director, endearing lead actress Kushitha Kallapu and an emotional yet entertaining plot, Babu – No.1 Bullshit Guy is a sparkling new addition to Telugu cinema.

Arjun Kalyan and Kushitha’s on-screen chemistry is sure to strike a chord with viewers. Dandu Dilip Kumar Reddy’s storytelling and directorial finesse will elevate the movie into a must-watch.

Releasing across languages, Babu has all the ingredients to win over audiences, delivering a feel-good cinematic experience. Kushitha’s portrayal of ‘Kushi Papa’ will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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