Bombay Movie 2023: A Gripping Underworld Action Thriller Film

The upcoming Bollywood film Bombay is gearing up for release on 24th November 2023. Helmed by director Sanjay Niranjan, this action thriller promises a gripping story revolving around the Mumbai underworld. With a cast headlined by Gavie Chahal and Deepshikha Nagpal, Bombay seems set to deliver a gritty and entertaning theatrical experience.

The Story: Missing Gang Member Mystery

The official synopsis reveals that Bombay is centere around Ulas Mhatre, played by Gavie Chahal, who is an influential underworld don operating in Mumbai along with his trusted aides. However, his gang member Tatya suddenly goes missing one day under mysterious circumstances.

This triggers confusion and speculation within the gang about whether it is a conspiracy by a rival gang or an internal mutiny brewing. As Ulas investigates what happened to Tatya, dark secrets and twists start unraveling that change the dynamics within his gang.

Going by the trailer, the story seems filled with atmospherics of the Mumbai underbelly, action-packed gang wars and conspiracies that will keep audiences hooked. The massy dialoguebaazi also packs a punch.

Gavie Chahal as Underworld Don

Punjabi actor Gavie Chahal, who is best known for films like Ek Noor and Muklawa, is set to make his Hindi film debut with Bombay. He has undergone a major body transformation and makeover to fit the part of the muscular underworld don Ulas Mhatre.

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The trailer depicts Gavie in a rugged and intense avatar delivering punches and firing guns with macho flair. This is a breakout action-oriente role for him that shall introduce him to Bollywood audiences. His performance seems pitch-perfect to play a brawny gang lord.

Deepshikha Nagpal as Female Lead

Veteran actress Deepshikha Nagpal portrays the female lead in Bombay as the love interest of Ulas Mhatre. Known for TV shows like Balika Vadhu and films like Partner, Deepshikha is a familiar face making a comeback.

Her character seems to be an anchor of empathy for Ulas’ character amid all the gun violence. Scenes between them add romantic flair to balance the action drama. Deepshikha’s performance lends weight and depth beyond just the hero’s arm candy.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast members of Bombay feature a mix of seasoned actors and fresh faces:

  • Ashish Warang as Tatya, the missing gang member whose disappearance triggers the film’s conflict.
  • Prakash Dhotre as Nana, Ulas’ trusted deputy in executing gang activities.
  • Danish Muhammad Ishaq Bhat plays the role of Sherry, another of Ulas’ loyal lieutenants.
  • Akshitaa Agnihotri features as Rukmini, love interest of Tatya before he goes missing.
  • Vandana Lalwani portrays Shabana, an arrogant rival gang member.
  • Pari Mirza plays an interesting character named Rehana who seems to be orchestrating conspiracies.

The ensemble strength of the cast shall help enhance the dangerous world inhabited by these underworld characters.

Sanjay Niranjan – Director & Writer

Sanjay Niranjan dons the dual responsibility of both writing and directing Bombay. He has previously worked as an associate director on Hunterrr and Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.

Bombay marks Sanjay’s foray into directing a full-length feature film. In interviews, he mentioned being inspired by crime films like Satya, Company and Sarkar that realistically depicted the Mumbai underworld.

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Sanjay has crafted a screenplay that aims to provide an authentic glimpse into mob rivalries through Bombay’s plotline of the missing gang member. His execution of the vision as director will be crucial.

Slick Action Sequences

The action choreography by Moses Fernandes seems rather slick, going by the trailer and songs. There are several hand-to-hand combat scenes as well as lavish shootouts involving Ulas and his gang members.

The action has a raw brutality befitting the criminal life. There is also a chase sequence involving bikes, cars and trucks on city streets that promises adrenaline rush. Sanjay has revealed that real weapons were used to capture realistic action sequences on camera under expert supervision.

Grand Canvas and Cinematography

From the dusty slums to towering skyscrapers, Bombay seems to capture the scaling cityscapes of Mumbai that house the glitz and grimness of the underworld side by side.

Cinematographer S. Pappu reveals that actual Mumbai locations like Kamathipura, Madh Island and real bungalows were used for authenticity. Special lighting techniques like chiaroscuro were employed for dramatic effect. The scale and visual textures appear suitably cinematic.

Early Buzz and Expectations

The teaser and songs of Bombay have generated positive reactions so far. Tracks like “Saazish” and “Seeti Bajake” are being appreciated for their raw desi vibe.

Gavie Chahal’s transformation is being lauded. Trade analysts predict the film can benefit from the current trend of theatrical success for masala big screen entertainers.

Projections indicate Bombay may open at around ₹ 7-8 crores. The real test lies in sustaining momentum after the opening weekend through strong word of mouth. But the early buzz sounds hopeful.

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Critical Reviews

Bombay held special critic screenings one week before release that have garnered appreciative reviews:

Raja Sen of Rediff called it a “gripping old-school crime drama” and praised the performances, calling Gavie Chahal “an underworld don with fiery potential”.

Bobby Sing of BollywoodBoxOffice drew parallels to Shootout at Wadala and called Bombay an “engrossing tale of gang wars packed with bravura and betrayal”.

Janhavi Samant of FilmCompanion highlighted thefresh casting, raw action choreography and runtime crispness as assets, stating that “Bombay has spice and substance along with style.”

The positive reviews suggest that Bombay delivers on being an engaging underworld action thriller.

Offers on Movie Tickets

To attract the crucial youth demographic, Bombay has partnered with online ticketing platforms to offer lucrative promotions:


HDFC Card OfferGet 20% off up to ₹100 on 2 ticketsRelease week
Coupon CodeBOMBAY50 to get ₹50 off (1 transaction per user)Monday & Tuesday after release


CashbackGet 10% cashback up to ₹50Release week
Buy 1 Get 1 FreeBuy 1 ticket, get 1 ticket freeFriday-Sunday after release

Cinemas like PVR and Carnival have combo offers on food and beverage applicable for the movie. These deals make watching Bombay light on the pockets.

Why It’s a Theatrical Must-Watch

Here are some of the key elements that make Bombay an enticing theatrical experience:

  • A story tapping into the popular genre of Mumbai underworld dramas
  • Gavie Chahal’s powerful breakout action hero act
  • Seasoned supporting cast to enhance performances
  • Raw and slick action sequences choreographed with real weapons
  • Fitting visual textures of Mumbai captured through tactical cinematography
  • Chartbuster music and songs to amplify the massy vibe
  • Positive early reviews praising the direction, action and performances
  • Lucrative ticket promotions and offers to attract audiences

The Final Verdict

With all factors considered, Bombay has strong prospects of emerging as an engrossing gangster action flick blended with the right masala elements. Early buzz is positive, the genre has theatrical viability and performances look promising. For audiences seeking a mass entertainer loaded with dhamakedaar action, Bombay is a smart bet poised to deliver rocking entertainment.

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