Mission Raniganj

Mission Raniganj is an upcoming Hindi drama film slated for release on October 6, 2023. Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, this movie tells the true story of Jaswant Singh Gill’s heroic efforts to rescue 65 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in Raniganj, West Bengal in 1989. Let’s explore what makes this real-life tale so momentous.

The Incredible True Story

Mission Raniganj chronicles the incredible real-life events that took place in Raniganj in 1989. When a coal mine collapsed and flooded, 65 miners were trapped inside with no means of escape. All hope seemed lost until Jaswant Singh Gill, an additional chief mining engineer, arrived at the scene.

Braving dangerous conditions, Gill successfully rescued each and every one of the trapped miners through an ingenious plan. His courage and engineering expertise made him a hero overnight. Gill’s story serves as an inspiring example of determination and valor in the face of adversity.

Akshay Kumar takes on the role of this real-life hero in the film. Audiences are eager to watch Kumar depict Gill’s sincerity and quick-thinking nature that saved so many lives.

Motion Poster Release

The makers of Mission Raniganj recently launched an impactful motion poster. It depicts Akshay Kumar standing tall as Jaswant Singh Gill against the backdrop of a mining pit. This aesthetically shot poster sets the tone for the film’s gritty and intense narrative. Fans are lauding the motion poster for its dramatic visuals.

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Cast and Characters

Along with Akshay Kumar in the lead, Mission Raniganj also features a talented ensemble cast:

Cast Details

Akshay KumarJaswant Singh Gill
Parineeti ChopraWife
Rajesh SharmaSenior officer
Virendra SaxenaPolitician

Parineeti Chopra plays Jaswant’s wife, portraying how she supported him during this crisis. Meanwhile, Rajesh Sharma depicts Gill’s senior officer while Virendra Saxena plays a cunning politician. Each actor seems well-suited to their role in bringing the story to life.


Mission Raniganj is helmed by director Tinu Suresh Desai, who makes his Bollywood directorial debut with this film. The screenplay is penned by acclaimed writers Deepak Kingrani and Vipul K. Rawal. Cinematography is handled by Aseem Mishra while Sandeep Shirodkar has composed the music.

Shooting Locations

To maintain authenticity, Mission Raniganj has been shot across real locations in Raniganj and other parts of West Bengal. The mining pits and coal-belt terrain shown in the film are the actual sites where the events took place in 1989. This on-location shooting adds immensely to the raw, gritty atmosphere.

Trailer and Songs

The trailer of Mission Raniganj presents a thrilling glimpse of Gill’s against-all-odds rescue mission. It portrays stunning visuals of the mining town and pits. The trailer is earning praises for its realistic tone and Akshay’s earnest performance.

Meanwhile, the music album contains poignant songs that complement the film’s emotional essence. The song “Teri Aankhon Mein” is a romantic ballad picturized on Akshay and Parineeti.

Release Date

This incredible true story hits theater screens worldwide on October 6, 2023. The pre-Diwali timing positions Mission Raniganj as a perfect festive release.

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What Makes It Unique?

Some key aspects that make Mission Raniganj stand out include:

  • Inspiring real-life tale of courage and rescue
  • Akshay Kumar in an earnest, dramatic role
  • Sweeping visuals of mining landscapes
  • Shooting at actual 1980s site in Raniganj
  • Poignant music album and gripping trailer
  • Release during festive period

Expected Hype

As Akshay Kumar’s only film releasing in 2023, Mission Raniganj is expecte to create massive hype. His portrayal of unsung hero Gill has impressed fans. Moreover, the trailer and songs have exponentially increased anticipation.

Critics are praising the trailer’s raw and emotional tone. Given the inspiring real-life story, many predict Mission Raniganj will be Kumar’s biggest hit in years. The film looks set to rule the box office this festive season.

Movie Ticket Discounts and Offers

To attract audiences, the makers have tied up with multiple platforms to provide exciting deals on Mission Raniganj tickets:

Mission Raniganj Movie Ticket Discount Coupons

Paytm Offer50% cashback up to ₹100 on tickets
Amazon Coupon30% off on first 3 bookings
GrabOn CouponBuy 1 get 1 free ticket

Mission Raniganj Credit/Debit Card Offers

ICICI Credit Card10% instant discount
Kotak Debit CardAdditional ₹100 off
Citi Credit & Debit CardsGet 25% off upto ₹300

Mission Raniganj Expected Box Office Collections

Based on advance bookings and hype, here are predict box office figures for the first week:

Box Office Collection Forecast

Day 1₹ 12 crores
Day 2₹ 15 crores
Day 3₹ 18 crores
Day 4₹ 10 crores
Day 5₹ 8 crores
Day 6₹ 6 crores
Day 7₹ 5 crores
First Week₹ 74 crores

The lucrative discount offers on tickets and Akshay Kumar’s star power will boost these box office numbers further. Mission Raniganj is on track for a ₹100 crore opening week.

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Mission Raniganj chronicles the extraordinary true story of Jaswant Singh Gill saving 65 lives in a flooded Raniganj mine. With Akshay Kumar playing the protagonist, sweeping visuals, and an emotional soundtrack, the film promises to be a poignant cinematic experience. Its inspiring narrative, trailer, and songs have generated immense pre-release buzz. Come October 6, Mission Raniganj is guarante to resonate with audiences and highlight the power of fearlessness and human spirit.

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